The Secrets of Marriage Longevity:

Men Tell All...

( Our definition of Marriage is not necessarily of Faith or Licensed. Our meaning of Marriage is of anyone who commits to another human being as life commitment. So if your involved or reaching or hoping of a long-term goal with your partner, this article is for you!.)

Matt, a 52-year-young, Professional Contractor, a Father and a devoted husband of a 26 year successful stretch in Marriage says; one secret to his longevity is, "don't try and change each other! Yes, qualities will naturally change and possibly improve over the course of time, however, don't try and change the very essence of whom each other were. After-all, you met when you were a certain way. you fell in Love when you were  a certain way, why change that? She calmed me, and that was better for me, but I am still the same man I have always been."

"I  don't treat her like a wife, I treat her like a human being."

Kevin, has been married now for 15-years and goes on to share his longevity secrets. "I would say having a sense of humour is certainly a must. Uhmm, also a big thing  for me is, I don't treat her like a wife, I treat her like a human being. Also, no matter what, your going to get into arguments, fights. Its unavoidable. Some will become really heated too. My best advice is: some of those fights may not make any sense to you whatsoever. Some will be so out there, breaking the bounds of logic causing your head spin. None of it will make sense to you. However, it makes perfect sense to her, and you love her, so respect her feelings even when it doesn't make any sense to you.    

Mark, an Electrician on his 31-year stretch of marriage adds, for his success, it was all about "Teamwork." And in order for teamwork to succeed, both parties must let go, or change their stubborn way of thinking as in "I can do it." And equally important, he continues is "to let each other live. Give each other their own personal space." and he concludes with another important fact by saying "Communication is a key factor as well. More important today than yesterday as it is very easy to loose yourself with all the Social Media platforms and Cellular phones in general."  -- We agree! Before you know it, your spending more time with your techy-gadget than your loved one. And if your neglecting your spouse, someone on the other digital end won't be. Well said Mark! 

Do you have a secret to share in your success of a long-term Marriage of a partner? If so, Please share with us. We would all love to hear your successes. Please keep in mind, although this article began with "Men Tell All..." We would love to hear from Women as well and create a "Women Tell All..." section to accompany this reference.


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